🚨 Warning: ExMarkets - A Fake Cryptocurrency Exchange

I feel compelled to share a cautionary review about ExMarkets, a centralized cryptocurrency exchange that appears to be operating as a scam. My personal experience with this platform has been nothing short of frustrating, and I strongly advise potential users to avoid it.

ExMarkets simply doesn't process withdrawal requests. My own withdrawal has been pending for two months now, with no sign of resolution. Attempts to contact customer support have proven futile, as it seems to be nonexistent and emails go unanswered.

What adds to the suspicion is the ongoing presence of ExMarkets on CoinMarketCap, even for newly listed coins. Despite reports of withdrawal issues and an apparent lack of customer support, the exchange continues to add new coin pairs. It looks like a deliberate attempt to project an abandoned appearance while still actively engaging in questionable practices.

Equally disconcerting is the fact that despite efforts to bring attention to these issues on social media platforms, such as Twitter (X), CoinMarketCap's CEO @RushCMC has not taken action to remove or address the concerns surrounding ExMarkets. 


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