Adsterra Ad Network: Is it Legit?

I recently tried out Adsterra, an advertising network that claims to offer high revenue and CPM rates for website publishers. However, my experience with Adsterra has been anything but positive.

Soon after placing banner ads on my website, I started receiving complaints from users about random redirects to unknown sites. I was shocked that this was happening without users even clicking on anything. After doing some research, I found that other users had also experienced similar problems with Adsterra.

To make matters worse, Adsterra seemed to be hiding their ads entirely when I was testing my website with a VPN, while from my own IP, they only showed generic ads. This made it difficult to identify the root cause of the problems, and I was left feeling frustrated.

What does Adsterra say about it? According to their team, people mistake aggressive software ads for malicious activity, and these ads can be turned off when requesting ad codes. However, even when opting out from everything that could possibly cause such issues, such as the "alert ads" option, it had absolutely no effect, and they still displayed these ads. This lack of control over the ads displayed was concerning, and it made it difficult for me to trust Adsterra as a reliable advertising partner.

I also noticed that Adsterra has very mixed reviews on Trustpilot, with most reviewers either giving them five stars or one star. This seemed suspicious to me and made me question the authenticity of the reviews.

Overall, I cannot recommend Adsterra to other website publishers. While they may offer higher revenue rates, their aggressive ad tactics, disregard for website publishers' concerns, and mixed reviews on Trustpilot make them a risky choice. I would advise others to look for more reputable and trustworthy advertising networks, such as Google AdSense, to avoid the same negative experiences that I had with Adsterra.

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