What is the best CryptoCurrency?

In my opinion, there won't be one coin to rule them all - each of them has its upsides and downsides.
Some coins got too much hype but development is slow so I decided to look for alternatives that actually beat top coins in technology.
This is a list of cryptocurrencies that I think are the best suitable in said category at the moment, things might change in the future though.

Best for transactions
Here I got one coin for each type, they are all cheap and quick for transactions, DigiByte is even more secure than Bitcoin.
While Solana is a clear winner for transaction throughput and staking rewards. And Nano is hands down the fastest, feeless and one of the most energy afficient cryptocurrency.

Proof of Work

Proof of Stake

Proof of Capacity

Directed Acyclic Graph


Best for Dapps
This might change but at the moment BNB offers most useful dapps with much lower fees than Eth.

Best for NFT's
Most NFT's are being made on Ethereum despite slow and expensive transactions.

Best for Privacy
Most popular and reliable private cryptocurrency.

Best for Micro Transactions and Data Transfers
Fast, feeless, enegy efficient DAG cryptocurrency that allows sending even 0 balance.
Huge ambitions that in theory can make all other cryptocurrencies irrelevant.

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