Did you Know that Tattoos are now Vegan?

If you're looking to get a new tattoo for your collection or getting your first tattoo, there are a few things you need to know about them. The first one is that not all tattoos are vegan. Not all equipment or aftercare is vegan either!


Why Might a tattoo NOT be vegan?

Some tattoo inks still contain animal-based ingredients making them not suitable for vegans. The most common ingredients are usually glycerine, gelatine and bone char. Glycerine from animal fat and gelatine are used as stabilisers in the ink. Bone char is often used to increase the pigments and is more commonly seen in white inks.

It's easy to forget about the equipment as well. Stencil papers used for tattoos can contain lanolin made from wool and the disposable razors provided by the tattoo studio often contain animal-based glycerine. The studio may also use balms on the tattoo containing lanolin, beeswax and more. If the tattoo studio isn't a vegan place then they might also recommend aftercare products that aren't suitable for us.


Can Tattoos be Vegan?

There are plenty of vegan options available for getting tattoos! While there's not much you can do for existing tattoos, you can still ensure that your next ones are animal friendly. Here are a few useful tips for an animal-friendly tattoo experience:

  • Make sure you tell the studio when booking your appointment that you are vegan and only want vegan inks and equipment to be used on you. Also, ask them if you can or should bring your own supplies such as vegan razors or soaps.
  • Vegan-friendly studios and artists are becoming more common. Take a look at their website to see if they mention being vegan friendly and look at the reviews for the studio and artists too.
  • Remember to identify yourself as the vegan client on the day and remind your artists that you only want vegan inks and equipment to be used on you.
  • Some studios will not offer vegan options for their aftercare lotions. You could ask the artists before getting the tattoo for their advice on what to look for in aftercare lotions. There will also be online vegan communities that can recommend the best products for you to buy.
  • Go to a vegan tattoo studio. They do exist but you might not have one in your local area.


As long as you remember to ask a few questions, getting a vegan tattoo is easy! Always be polite and never spring this on the artist at the last minute.

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