How to fix Lenovo Legion 5 Wi-FI issue.

The laptop: Lenovo Legion 5 15.6" 144Hz, GTX 1660 Ti

Is a powerful device but it comes with really bad WIFI chip that makes your signal low and high ping in games like CS2 and randomly disconnects. On top of that it has very fragile charging connector, just wanted to warn about this. 😂


There are multiple ways to fix it and here is a list of them:

1) Buy new wireless network card.
I got the Intel(R) WI-FI 6E AX210 160MHz chip and it works like charm.

2) Update WIFI drivers using Intel® Driver & Support Assistant.
Drivers older than 2022 usually cause this problem.

3) Buy a USB wifi adapter.
Will solve the problem but may not be fast enough depending if it has antena, also takes USB slot.
Good thing is that older operating systems like Windows 8 usually support these.

4) Try WIFI chip from old laptop.
This might work but if new drivers are not available then probably will have same problem.


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