Top CryptoCurrencies with free transactions

Having low fees or being completely feeless is great for micro-transactions and daily use, luckily there are many options to choose from.
Here is a list of cryptocurrencies with free transactions or optional fees.


Nano (XNO)

Speed: ~ 1 second
Wallet tested on - Natrium - NANO Wallet




Speed: ~ 3 seconds
Wallet tested on - Vite Wallet


Koinos (KOIN)

Speed: ~ 3 seconds
Wallet tested on - My Koinos Wallet




Speed: ~ 3 seconds
Wallet tested on - EOS Freewallet
Note: Requires fee to make account.


Speed: ~ 3 seconds
Wallet tested on -
Note: There is no mobile wallet...



Hathor (HTR)

Speed: ~ 5 seconds
Wallet tested on - Hathor Wallet
Note: Has only 2 decimals.



Speed: ~ 10 seconds
Wallet tested on - Firefly Wallet
Note: Cannot send less than 1 IOTA. Currently centralized.



Speed: ~ 11 seconds
Wallet tested on - O3 Wallet
Note: Must send a whole coin without decimals.


Skycoin (SKY)

Speed: ~ 12 seconds
Wallet tested on - Skycoin Wallet


Constellation (DAG)

Speed: ~ 20 seconds
Wallet tested on - Stargazer Wallet



Bytecoin (BCN)

Speed: ~ 20 minutes
Wallet tested on - Official Web Wallet
Note: Web wallet offers optional fees although transactions will be slower.
At the time of writing this post web wallet wasn't working but it got fixed and I updated the post.


NewYorkCoin (NYC)

Note: Not tested. Apparently it has a limited amount of free transactions with around 30 second confirmation time.
It is also fork of Litecoin.

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