What is Nano XNO max TPS?

The maximum TPS (Transactions Per Second) of Nano XNO varies because it is highly dependent on the hardware of the nodes and network bandwidth. However, theoretically, it is unlimited as hardware gets better and improvements are being made.

Nano XNO was put to the test during stress tests, and it managed to reach a whopping 1800 TPS. This number is impressive, considering that it is much higher than the TPS of other popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Nano XNO's architecture is based on a block-lattice structure, which allows each account holder to have their blockchain, thereby reducing the need for miners and enabling faster transactions.

The Nano XNO team has been working on improving the network's speed and scalability, which are essential factors for any cryptocurrency to gain widespread adoption. Users can monitor the TPS of Nano XNO in real-time through websites like NanoTps and NanoLooker.

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