twitch Review: A better version of Twitch is a rapidly growing live streaming platform that initially started as a social media platform. However, it has evolved into a dedicated space for live streaming content. The functionality and interface of are quite similar to Twitch, making it easy for streamers to transition between the two platforms.

Twitch's Dominance and Lack of Competition

Twitch's overwhelming market share has resulted in limited motivation for innovation and addressing user demands. Other platforms, such as Mixer and Facebook Gaming, have faltered due to various issues. Consequently, there is a lack of genuine competition, leaving Twitch unchallenged and less inclined to cater to the needs of smaller creators.

The Importance of VODs and Twitch's Flawed System

Twitch's video-on-demand (VOD) system has significant shortcomings, particularly for non-partnered streamers. VODs are automatically deleted after 60 days for non-partnered streamers, while even partnered streamers face uncertainty about the lifespan of their content on the platform. This drives many streamers to upload their VODs and highlights to YouTube, where content has greater longevity and generates additional revenue through ads.

Generous Revenue Split and Payouts

One of the primary draws of is its revenue-sharing model. Compared to Twitch's 50% revenue share, offers creators 95% of the revenue generated from subscriptions. This significant difference in earnings potential has caught the attention of many streamers.

Ad Program and Streamer Control is also introducing an ad program that allows streamers to have more control over their content. Unlike other platforms, ensures that ads do not interfere with the viewing experience. Streamers have the option to turn off ads or choose between Kick ads and streamer ads, offering them more flexibility in monetization. This feature aims to eliminate the frustration caused by excessive and disruptive ads on other streaming platforms.'s Promising Initiatives has gained attention not only for benefiting from Twitch's missteps but also for its innovative initiatives. The platform recently announced a new paid hourly wage for qualifying streamers, Kick is planning to implement a creator program that includes paying creators an hourly rate based on various factors such as size, audience, and engagement.

Performance Improvements

Some users have reported that they have better performance while streaming on Kick, the platform appears to utilize less CPU power compared to Twitch, resulting in smoother streaming experiences. The website itself also feels more lightweight, providing a seamless and efficient browsing experience. 

Relaxed Terms of Service

While most platforms have a Terms of Service (TOS) to maintain order and ensure smooth operation, adopts a more lenient approach to enforcing and penalizing rule violations. This stands in contrast to platforms like YouTube and Twitch, which often hand out swift and severe punishments for rule-breaking.'s lax enforcement of its rules comes as a surprise, given the industry norms.

Similarities to Twitch

A peculiar observation about is its striking resemblance to Twitch in terms of layout and design. From the button arrangement to menu organization, appears almost identical to Twitch, with only differences in color scheme and branding. Whether this similarity is intentional or accidental remains unclear.

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