Worst crypto YouTubers to take financial advice from.

Navigating the advice of influencers can be a treacherous journey. Today, we delve into the darker side of the crypto influencer sphere, shedding light on the worst individuals to heed financial advice from. From shameless paid shilling to a lack of transparency with their followers, these influencers have earned a reputation for putting personal gains before the financial well-being of their audience. Join us as we unmask the pitfalls and caution against following the guidance of those who may not have your best interests at heart.

  1. Crypto Gains
  2. Mason Versluis
  3. Jerry Banfield Crypto
  4. Ben Armstrong
  5. Steph is Crypto
  6. The Crypto Network
  7. CryptoWendyO
  8. Aaron Bremser
  9. House of Crypto
  10. Jake Gordon 
  11. AltcoinDaily
  12. Jake Gagain
  13. Crypto Banter
  14. Miles Deutscher
  15. Lady Of Crypto
  16. Conor Kenny
  17. Paul Barron
  18. Paul Barron Network
  19. My Financial Friend
  20. Austin Hilton
  21. Conor Kenny
  22. Zach Humphries
  23. Goalorious
  24. Tyler Hill Investing
  25. Jim Crypto
  26. Crypto Zeus
  27. Mobile Tradez
  28. Defi Guyz
  29. Ben Crypto
  30. Crypto Light Saber
  31. Crypto Pandas
  32. Crypto Atlas
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