SpacAd review - is it a scam?

The SpacAd project in the DEXART metaverse is likely a pyramid scheme and fraudulent for the following reasons:

1. The project appears highly unprofessional with grammatical errors. The unprofessional CEO, who also conducts business incompetently, is a red flag. For example, threatening to expose the personal data of malicious users on social media is not something a legitimate business would do.

2. Advertisers simply will not pay such high amounts for ad views; it's unrealistic (if they actually exist). This creates unrealistic expectations and suggests an unstable business model.

3. At the same time, they are selling NFTs and some sketchy tokens, promising profits. This appears to be an attempt to attract additional funds from investors using various investment products with no real value.

4. Frequent technical issues hinder coin collection. Additionally, the project complicates the profit withdrawal process and does everything to delay it. This could be a sign that they have no intention of paying profits to investors and are trying to retain funds.

5. OTON, on which SpacAd is based, has been declared a pyramid scheme by the Central Bank of Russia. This is an additional fact that underscores the risks associated with participating in SpacAd and could lead to its websites being blocked in Russia.

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