Artyfact Metaverse Review: Yet another scam...

Artyfact Metaverse promises to redefine gaming by offering opportunities to earn money and trade NFTs within its virtual world. However, a closer examination uncovers alarming indications of a potential scam.

Digging into the roots of Artyfact reveals that it is built upon the TPS starter project 'Lyra', which can be freely downloaded from the Unreal Engine marketplace. This revelation raises serious doubts about the originality and integrity of the project. It seems that Artyfact is not the groundbreaking venture it claims to be, but rather a thinly veiled effort to exploit current trends and capitalize on popular themes.

Despite its flashy graphics and diverse maps, Artyfact fails to offer anything truly innovative. The gameplay mechanics, sounds and animations are recycled, and the absence of multiplayer support further highlights its lack of substance. Additionally, the aggressive promotion of the token $ARTY and fake social media engagement raise suspicions about the project's intentions.

In reality, creating a game like Artyfact requires minimal effort, as it can be assembled using pre-existing assets and templates readily available on the Unreal Engine Marketplace. The developers behind Artyfact seem more focused on generating hype and attracting investors than actually delivering a worthwhile product.

Drawing parallels to previous crypto scams such as Kortana Legacy and Galactic War, Artyfact follows a similar playbook of hyping up its potential while delivering little substance. These previous projects lured in investors with grand promises, only to collapse under the weight of their own deceit. While there may be short-term gains, the long-term success of such a venture is questionable.

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