The Top 10 Best Cryptocurrencies for P2P Cash Transactions

The world of cryptocurrencies has evolved significantly since the inception of Bitcoin in 2009. While Bitcoin remains the poster child of cryptocurrencies, it has faced scalability issues and challenges in achieving its original vision as described in its whitepaper. Today, we will explore the 10 greatest cryptocurrencies that have emerged as strong contenders for peer-to-peer cash transactions, considering factors like transaction speed, fees, security, and environmental impact.

CryptoRankConsensusTX SpeedTX FeeFair LaunchEco FriendlySmart ContractsScalabilityAdoption
Nano262DPoS< 1 sec0.00🟡🟢🔴7/106/10
Kaspa44POW1 sec< $0.01🟢🔴🔴7/105/10
Monero26POW2 min
~ $0.01🟢🔴🔴5/107/10
Toncoin12POS6 sec~ $0.02🟡🟢🟢9/107/10
Solana8POS6 sec< $0.01🔴🟢🟢8/109/10
Dogecoin10POW1 min
~ $0.01🟢🔴🔴5/109/10
Litecoin15POW2.5 min~ $0.01🟢🔴🔴5/109/10
Digibyte234POW15 sec< $0.01🟡🔴🟡5/106/10
Bitcoin Cash17POW10 min< $0.01🟡🔴🟡5/108/10
XRP5RPCA4 sec< $0.01🔴🟢🔴6/108/10

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