Top 10 Best Fully Open Source Multi-Crypto Wallets

Looking for the best fully open source multi cryptocurrency wallets? Look no further! In a landscape where the importance of self-custody and security cannot be overstated, opting for FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) solutions is paramount. These wallets, with their transparent source code readily available on platforms like GitHub, offer users the assurance of control and anonymity in managing their digital assets. Whether you're on a mobile device or desktop, these cross-chain compatible wallets cater to both hot and cold storage preferences. With no KYC requirements, they uphold the crucial tenets of privacy and freedom. Here are the top recommendations for multicoin wallets that prioritize user sovereignty and security.

  1. Unstoppable Wallet
  2. Cake Wallet
  3. Stack Wallet
  4. AirGap Vault
  5. Slavi Wallet
  6. Edge Wallet
  7. Trustee Wallet
  8. Metamask
  9. OneKey Wallet
  10. Trezor Wallet

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