Bitcoin Beauty and Bear Attack

The bears have attacked the crypto world again, which has turned the market red again. But it seems that the bulls are also ready, with signs of greenery.

Some Frustration with Bitcoin

The crypto-king bitcoin price dropped below 30k and was struggling to rise again; now its price stability is struggling to stay at 29k. Many analysts are of the view that the price may fall further, which means that the bear attack may intensify.

The bulls are not giving up just yet

At this time, the decline of ETH, SOL, etc. is showing that Altcoins are not out of the grip of bears, but the good performance of MKR, LINK, COMP, DOT, etc. seems to indicate that Altcoin bulls are also ready. Several memecoins and shitcoins are also showing greenness.

Should Investor Worry?

Investors need not be discouraged (I mean bitcoin investors, because I have experienced the consequences if Shitcoin collapses). The dollar, commodities, and securities are also falling. It is the nature of bitcoin to be volatile. HODL or sell cheap; it's your choice; I don't take any responsibility.

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