🚨 Warning: TradeOgre - Potential Scam Exchange

TradeOgre, a cryptocurrency exchange, has been exhibiting suspicious behaviors that have raised serious concerns among its users. The exchange has been holding $Kas tokens hostage for over 8 months now, with no apparent effort to rectify the situation. 

Moreover, it appears that negative user reviews on Trustpilot have been removed, which further raises suspicions about the platform’s integrity. It is concerning to think that the truth about user experiences might be suppressed to maintain a positive image or for other ulterior motives.

In a conversation with TradeOgre, they provided vague and unsatisfactory responses to queries about the status of the KAS wallet. Their responses suggested a disregard for the concerns of their users and a lack of urgency in resolving the issue.

In light of these issues, I urge potential users to exercise caution when considering using TradeOgre. There are better alternatives.

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