Cantina Royale - Play 2 Earn

Cantina Royale: A free Play-to-Earn Blockchain Shooter

In Cantina Royale, you take on the role of a lone bounty hunter, traveling the galaxy in your spaceship. Your goal is to fight, survive, and earn as many rewards as possible.

The game is already available on playstore and apple store.


Cantina Royale offers a variety of gameplay modes, including:

Battle Royale: Battle it out with up to 50 other players in a single arena. The last player or team standing wins.

Team Deathmatch: Two teams of up to 25 players each compete to be the first to reach a set number of kills.

1v1 Match: A duel between two players.

Free for All: Everyone for themselves in a free-for-all battle.

Team Objective: Two teams of up to 25 players each compete to complete a variety of objectives, such as capturing points or destroying enemies.

NFT Integration

Cantina Royale features a variety of NFTs, including:

Characters: Unique 3D NFT characters that offer a variety of abilities and stats.

Weapons: Powerful weapons that can be used to defeat enemies.

Armor: Gear that can be used to improve your character's stats.

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Play to Earn

In addition to the base game, Cantina Royale offers a variety of play-to-earn opportunities. Players can earn rewards by completing in-game challenges, such as winning battles or completing missions. These rewards can be used to purchase NFTs, upgrade your character's gear, or trade with other players.


Cantina Royale uses its own token, CRT, to power its economy. CRT can be earned by playing the game, staking NFTs, or participating in other activities. CRT can be used to purchase NFTs, upgrade your character's gear, or trade with other players.

Lending Platform

Cantina Royale also features a lending platform that allows players to rent out their NFTs to other players. This can be a great way to generate passive income from your NFTs.

Genesis Space Apes

Cantina Royale's first NFT collection is called Genesis Space Apes. These NFTs are unique and offer a variety of benefits, such as exclusive rewards and abilities. Genesis Space Apes can be purchased from the Cantina Royale marketplace or through a lottery system.


Cantina Royale has raised $4.5 million in funding from a group of investors, including Elrond, Crypto.com, Animoca Brands, Morningstar Venture, and PathDAO.


Cantina Royale is a promising new play-to-earn blockchain game with a variety of features to appeal to gamers and investors alike. The game is still in development, but it has the potential to be a major player in the blockchain gaming space.


Cantina Royale is scheduled to launch in Q4 2023. In the meantime, you can follow the game on Twitter and Discord for updates.

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