Review: Is it Legit?

I recently had an experience with AccsMarket, where I attempted to purchase a X (Twitter) account. The payment process was straightforward, as they accept multiple cryptocurrencies, and delivery was instant through a downloadable text file.

However, my experience took a nosedive from there. While the account mostly matched the listing description, the followers turned out to be fake, and the follower count started decreasing. To add to the frustration, the account was rate-limited, preventing me from updating the email address for two days. When I finally managed to change the email address, I discovered that the previous seller’s email was still somehow connected to the account, potentially allowing them to recover it in the future. Despite changing the account email, I couldn’t remove this lingering security risk.

Upon contacting support, I received a disappointing response: “The warranty period for accounts is 48 hours only, and it is up to you to take care of the security of the account.”

That said, I strongly advise against using this platform. It’s simply not worth the risk, your money, or your time.

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