What is the fastest feeless cryptocurrency?

As cryptocurrencies gain more popularity, their transaction fees have also increased, causing hurdles for smaller transactions. As a solution, new cryptocurrencies have emerged that provide fast and free transactions, making them more convenient for daily use. Following thorough research and testing, I have written this post to share my findings with you. Today, I will be focusing solely on the speed of these cryptocurrencies, which is determined by the time it takes for a transaction to reach its finality, allowing you to use the coins in your wallet. I hope you find this information interesting and useful.

Some of the recent tests can be found here:



Nano (XNO)

Speed: ~ 1s-1 minute (varies)



Speed: ~ 2s-20 seconds


Koinos (KOIN)

Speed: ~ 3 seconds



Speed: ~ 3 seconds



Speed: ~ 3 seconds



Speed: 3s-5 minutes (varies)


Shimmer (SMR)

Speed: ~ 5 seconds


Hathor (HTR)

Speed: ~ 5 seconds




Speed: ~ 11 seconds


Skycoin (SKY)

Speed: ~ 12 seconds  


Constellation (DAG)

Speed: ~ 20 seconds (varies)  


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