How to Restore Old Google Search Navigation Bar Layout

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Are you tired of the new Google Search navigation panel with its bubble filters and missing maps button? Fortunately, you can bring back the classic layout and functionality with a single Google Chrome Browser Extension called Google Search Classic Navbar. This extension replaces the new bubble filters with the classic layout, addressing the annoyance of the new design and restoring the missing maps button.

You can install the extension by visiting the following link:

Once installed, the extension will automatically revert the Google Search navigation bar to its classic layout, providing a more familiar and user-friendly browsing experience.

Why Google Chrome is still the best browser

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There are a lot of options but somehow Google Chrome is still best option, there are not many reeasons but they are important.

  • Ease of use - passwords are stored in one place and you can log into mobile apps using them. This removes need of third party apps like LastPass.
  • Compatibility - Chrome is compatible with a wide range of devices, including computers, smartphones, and tablets. This makes it best choice to synchronize your settings, bookmarks, and again passwords across all your devices.
  • Websites from Google like YouTube tend to work faster and better on Chrome especially when there are any changes.
  • Extensions - Chrome has a large library of extensions that can be used to customize the browser and add features.
  • It just works - Chrome is very stable and secure as features they add are carefully tested.

How to remove Chrome OS primary account

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When I was trying out this Chromium OS I could not find any quick way to change the primary account.
So instead I looked for a way how you can do a factory reset and turns out it is very easy.
Keep in mind that all accounts and local data will be erased, so be sure to make a backup on USB or save files on the cloud.

1. While on the login menu press Shift, Ctrl, Alt and R buttons at the same time and select Restart.
2. After done restarting select "Powerwash", confirm it and wait.
3. Now after second restart you can login to your Google account, remember that the first account you log on will be the primary.


How to Recover lost Chrome passwords after clearing history

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Did you accidentally remove your saved passwords on your Chromium-based browser by clearing your browsing history? Don't panic! In this quick tutorial, I'll show you how to restore them.

Firstly, it's important to note that this method will only work if you have the sync function enabled on your other device.


  1. Grab your phone or any other device that uses the same browser and account.

  2. Turn off internet on this device immediately to prevent syncing.

  3. Go to the browser's settings and click on the "Passwords" tab. Next, press "Export Saved Passwords".

  4. Transfer exported password file to your PC using a service like Telegram or Google Drive.

  5. On your PC, open the browser's settings and click on the "Passwords" tab. Here, you'll find the "Import" option. Select the file you just transferred and click "Import".

Voila! Your deleted passwords should now be restored.

Note: If you don't see the "Import" option, you may need to enable it first. Simply type "chrome://flags" into your browser's address bar and search for "password import". Set it to "Enabled" and you should now see the option to import your passwords.

Hope this helps :)