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Android 15 Set to Introduce Enhanced Desktop Mode Features

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Google is reportedly working on a significantly improved desktop mode that is expected to debut in Android 15. This development comes as a part of Google’s continuous efforts to enhance the Android experience for its users.

When most people think of desktop mode on Android, they often think of Samsung’s DeX or Motorola’s Ready For platforms. These are indeed among the most advanced custom implementations currently available. However, a lesser-known fact is that there is a Desktop mode in Google’s Android Open Source Project (AOSP).

The concept of a desktop mode on Android isn’t new. It was first introduced with Android 10 back in 2019, not for the average user, but primarily for developers who needed to test how their apps behaved in multi-display scenarios. Since then, Google has been steadily improving this feature, albeit slowly.

Over the years, Desktop mode has seen considerable progress. As of Android 14 QPR3 Beta 2.1, the mode supports features like drag-and-drop, window resizing, and running multiple apps simultaneously. It can now easily handle a side-by-side mode with two apps on screen. More apps can be opened simultan...


How to Restore Old Google Search Navigation Bar Layout

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Are you tired of the new Google Search navigation panel with its bubble filters and missing maps button? Fortunately, you can bring back the classic layout and functionality with a single Google Chrome Browser Extension called Google Search Classic Navbar. This extension replaces the new bubble filters with the classic layout, addressing the annoyance of the new design and restoring the missing maps button.

You can install the extension by visiting the following link:

Once installed, the extension will automatically revert the Google Search navigation bar to its classic layout, providing a more familiar and user-friendly browsing experience.


Google Podcasts Set to Discontinue and Transition to YouTube Music

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Google has announced its plans to discontinue Google Podcasts, paving the way for a full integration of podcast services into YouTube Music, set to be completed by 2024. This strategic shift seeks to streamline Google's offerings and consolidate its podcast services under the YouTube Music umbrella.

To enhance user experience and simplify content consumption, Google is taking steps to migrate podcast enthusiasts over to YouTube Music, which has witnessed a surge in audio content consumption over recent years.

Google Podcasts, introduced in 2018, has gained a loyal following for its simplicity and the absence of advertisements. Users of this platform may be wondering about the fate of their data and subscriptions during this migration. The good news is that Google has provided clarity in its announcement, assuring users that Google Podcasts will continue to operate without changes until a specific date in 2024.

The migration process will be facilitated through two methods. Firstly, Google will roll out a user-friendly migration tool designed to seamlessly transition podcast subscriptions from Google Podcasts to YouTube Music...


Top 10 Best Search Engines

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In today's digital age, search engines have become an indispensable part of our lives. They serve as gateways to the vast realm of information on the internet. While Google remains the undisputed champion in delivering relevant results, concerns about censorship and privacy have led users to explore alternative options. Let's take a closer look at some of the top search engines available today:

  1. Google.com: Google is the reigning king of search engines, offering unparalleled relevance in search results. However, it faces criticism for its data collection practices and potential censorship in some regions.
  2. Bing.com: Microsoft's Bing is a strong contender, providing diverse search capabilities. It's a popular choice among users who seek an alternative to Google's dominance.
  3. Duckduckgo.com: DuckDuckGo has gained popularity for its commitment to user privacy. It doesn't track or store your personal information, making it an excellent choice for privacy-conscious individuals.
  4. Yandex.com: Russia's Yandex is a powerful search engine with a strong presence in Eastern Europe. It offers local expertise and language suppo...

Google Rolls Out Visual Redesign and Layout Changes for YouTube Music Web App

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Google seems to be making changes to the visual design and layout of YouTube Music, aiming to align it more closely with the overall YouTube service. Currently, YouTube Music has a layout with various categories such as Home, Explore, Library, and Search located at the top of the page.

However, Google is implementing significant changes to the YouTube Music layout in certain areas. The most notable change is the introduction of a left-hand navigation menu, shifting Home, Explore, and Library to the left side of the app. Users can now access playlists and create new ones more easily. Another significant alteration is the search functionality, which now features a search bar at the top, replacing the previous button. The music categories have also been relocated to the top left, resembling the layout of the YouTube app.

It's worth mentioning that this layout change appears to be part of a controlled rollout and may not be visible to all users. Some regions might already experience the new design, while others are still awaiting its arrival. The goal behind this transformation is to create a more unified look and feel between YouTube and YouTube Music.

At present,...

Top 5 Google Search Features you should be using

📰3 years ago510 views

Here is a list of my favorite features that you can use right from the Google search bar.

  • Search by image


  • Search for a song (mobile only - requires Google app)


  • Convert currencies


  • Check Weather


  • Calculate

Why Google is still the best search engine

📰3 years ago503 views

There been many new search engines lately and some people seem to hate Google because of privacy concerns.
Honestly, it is not something to worry about, you can disable search history and other stuff in your account settings.

I have tried many but in my opinion nothing comes close to good old Google.
Google somehow manages to give more useful results than any other search engine I tried.

Also, it is more than just a search engine actually, it provides many cool features that others don't.
For example:
• Search by image.
• Search by voice.
• Search for a song - Shazam alternative (Requires Google app).
• Check your IP right in search without opening any site.
• Convert currencies using search.
• Calculate using search.
There is probably more:)