Top 10 Best Free Video Editors for Windows

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When it comes to video editing on a Windows 11 and 10, there are many free options available. One of the most modern and user-friendly video editors is Capcut, which has a simple interface and a lot of useful features. For those who prefer open source options, there's Shotcut, OpenShot, and Lightworks. Another built-in option is ClipChamp, although it has some limitations. Cyberlink PowerDirector is very lightweight and easy to use but adds a watermark after trial period. Finally, DaVinci Resolve, a professional-grade video editor that was used in Hollywood, is also available for free. These free video editors are great for anyone looking to edit their videos, whether it be for YouTube or even movies.

Regardless of the option you choose, there is no shortage of free video editors for Windows that can help you bring your vision to life.

  1. CapCut
  2. Cyberlink PowerDirector
  3. Shotcut
  4. OpenShot
  5. Lightworks
  6. DaVinci Resolve
  7. ClipChamp
  8. Filmora
  9. VideoPad
  10. VSDC Free Video Editor


How to record videos without watermark on Windows for free

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If you're looking to capture a high-quality video on your Windows 11 or 10 computer, you're in luck! Whether it's a game or just a screen recording, there are several free options available to help you achieve your goal. You don't have to worry about watermarks or paying for expensive software, as all of the options mentioned in this article are completely free. In this article, we'll be exploring three main ways to record videos in Windows. Each option has its own set of features and benefits, and we'll provide a detailed rundown of how to use each one. Whether you're a casual user or a professional content creator, these methods will help you create high-quality videos with ease.

  • Microsoft Game Bar

One of the simplest ways to record videos is by using the Microsoft Game Bar. It's a built-in feature on Windows, so you don't have to download any additional software. However, the downside is that it's primarily designed for recording games and may not work with all programs. Nonetheless, it works well with popular browsers like Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. To start recording, press the hotkey combination of Win + Alt + R, or press Win + G to open the m...


What is the best video resolution for small YouTuber?

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As a small YouTuber, choosing right video resolution is essential for delivering high-quality content to your audience. While many people tend to choose 1080p as the standard resolution for their videos, there is a better option available - 1440p. In this article, I will explain why small YouTubers should use 1440p instead of 1080p resolution.

One of the main reasons to use 1440p over 1080p is the difference in codecs. 1440p uses the VP9 codec (vp09., while 1080p uses the AVC1 codec (avc1.64002a). The VP9 codec is known for its higher compression efficiency and better image quality, especially in fast-paced videos. This means that videos recorded in 1440p will look smoother and more detailed compared to those recorded in 1080p, which will result in a more enjoyable viewing experience for your audience.

Another reason to consider uploading videos in 1440p is that it provides more flexibility when it comes to future-proofing your content. As technology continues to evolve, the standard for video quality is continually being raised, and uploading videos in 1440p now will ensure that your content will still look great even if the standard for vide...

How to fix on android "Can't play video. Video codec not supported"

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Fixed by converting video using YouCut Video Editor on Android but it should also work on Apple IOS

This will also fix error message on Telegram "App was unable to play this video. Try it with external player?"

You can download it from here: