How to buy best laptop (things to consider)

If you want to buy a laptop that fits your needs there are many things you need to consider, starting from specs and ending with materials it is made from.
But today I will tell you the ones that I think are most important.

Of course, having a powerful processor is very important to keep your device quick and responsive throughout the years.
Better get more powerful right away.

If you want to play games you will definitely need a dedicated graphics card such as Nvidia Geforce.

Also known as Random-access memory usually is easier to upgrade after buying a laptop.
More ram gives you ability to do more stuff at the same time and speed up game loading.

• Display
With display, there are 3 main things to keep in mind.
1. Screen surface type
You will most likely want to have matt type because it doesn't cause much eyestrain like glossy.
2. FPS
The more the better especially if you are a gamer you will want more frames per second as long as your device is powerful enough to run games at higher frames.
3. Colors
sRGB percentage is the main indicator of screen quality.
100% sRGB is usually the top pick by graphic designers.

You might want a separate Numpad or maybe camera lock?
Or maybe second language letters on the keyboard.
Also, good cooling is of course important for gamers.

Good luck!

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