Wirex Card: Is it Legit?

Today I received my Wirex Mastercard and decided to write a review because it might not be for everyone.

Good things about Wirex:

  • Multi Fiat Currency support.
  • True cryptocurrency support - withdraws/ deposits/ use IRL (real time conversion to fiat).
    Supported coins are: NANO, BTC, LTC, XLM, XRP, Ether, Dai
  • Simple UI and easy to use.
  • Free Fiat Top Ups.
  • No monthly fee for Mastercard.
  • Free card and free delivery option.
  • Good design - website, app, card.
  • Active on Twitter.


Bad things about it:

  • Can't send fiat back to the local card - no SEPA fiat transfers.
  • Not allowed to change email address without doing another KYC.
  • Crypto transactions usually take a lot longer than using a regular crypto wallet.
  • Pretty high crypto-fiat conversion fees compared to exchanges.
  • Slow customer support.
  • Some users have reported issues that they are not able to transfer funds.

  • Crazy inactivity fees (didn't have this myself just sharing info).



Wirex makes it super easy to get into cryptocurrencies which after can be sent to any exchange or service.
This card is very good for daily use and small amounts if you are using Nano cryptocurrency.
That being said, it is not recommended if you don't plan using it regularly.

Update 10.22.2023:

I decided to close my account which wasn't easy to do, community support said that account is closed but I keep receiving promotional emails that include my name. They clearly did not delete my account, it is simply locked but not deleted.

I do not recommend Wirex to anyone.

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