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Wirex Card: Is it Legit?

📰3 years ago538 views

Today I received my Wirex Mastercard and decided to write a review because it might not be for everyone.

Good things about Wirex:

  • Multi Fiat Currency support.
  • True cryptocurrency support - withdraws/ deposits/ use IRL (real time conversion to fiat).
    Supported coins are: NANO, BTC, LTC, XLM, XRP, Ether, Dai
  • Simple UI and easy to use.
  • Free Fiat Top Ups.
  • No monthly fee for Mastercard.
  • Free card and free delivery option.
  • Good design - website, app, card.
  • Active on Twitter.


Bad things about it:

  • Can't send fiat back to the local card - no SEPA fiat transfers.
  • Not allowed to change email address without doing another KYC.
  • Crypto transactions usually take a lot longer than using a regular crypto wallet.
  • Pretty high crypto-fiat conversion fees compared to exchanges.
  • Slow customer support.
  • Some users have reported issues that they are not able to transfer funds.

  • Crazy inactivity fees (didn't have this myself just sharing info).