How to keep Windows 10 Fast and Stable (5 golden rules)

1. Do not install feature updates.
Instead, do a clean install when you actually need it.
Microsoft has been slowing down and messing up computers with updates since Windows XP times.
The easy way to disable them is by setting your WiFi as Metered Connection in Properties.
Alternatively, you can open "Services" by searching it in the search box on the taskbar and disable "Windows Updates" completely.

2. Do not install unknown programs.
Unless you are using Microsoft Store.
Sure you might need to do it sometimes but you should test them on an alternative or virtual machine first to see if it's actually what you need.

3. Do not log in to Microsoft account.
Chances are you don't need features that MS account provides such as Cortana so there is no need to let them run in the background.

4. Maintain your system.
This includes:
• Updating your drivers if needed.
• Removing and disabling unwanted programs.
• Clearing cache/ temp files using the "Disk Cleanup" tool.

5. Use built-in Windows Security instead of third-party antivirus.
If you know what you are doing and you are not downloading weird stuff on the internet you should be completely fine with the built-in anti-virus Microsoft provides.
Make sure it is turned on at all times.

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