The 5 cheapest places to buy property in Liverpool

Liverpool is a great city to buy property for first-time buyers and young professionals. Not only are the prices of houses very affordable, but they offer high value for money. The city offers great facilities in terms of restaurants, libraries, gyms, shops and many more as well as having several good schools. The city of Liverpool is made of a great community spirit coupled with beautiful architecture and infrastructure. The city is in a great place right now but it will only get better as time goes on, with several developmental schemes already in place. The area is growing in popularity and this can be seen in the recent rise in the average price of houses in Liverpool. However, there are still several very affordable places you can buy a house in Liverpool, and these are the five cheapest out of all the places.

5. Kirkdale (Average of £91,234)
Kirkdale is a nice town occupying a flat land area on the banks of the Mersey, and it is one of the oldest coastal settlements in the UK. It is mainly a working-class area with most houses being Victorian terraced houses. Kirkdale offers some houses that are very affordable but still high quality, and the area has undergone a lot of development in recent times.

4. Everton (Average of £89,072)
Everton is an inner-city area that is located just to the north of Liverpool city center. The area is regarded by many as one of the most deprived areas of the city, but it still has a range of good houses that provide good value for money. Most of these houses are modern terraced homes although there are other types of houses for sale. The area has several good commutes for business professionals who need to move about the town, and around Liverpool.

3. Stockbridge Village (Average of £87,861)
Stockbridge is a small village in England that offers a good variety of housing options to prospective buyers. They have bungalows, apartments, sheltered housing, and several others, which are all of good quality. The Neighbourhood center that stands in the middle of the village is possibly the most attractive part of the area as it boasts several decent facilities like a steam room, a sports hall, two multi-purpose studios, a twenty-meter community pool, and more.

2. Netherley (Average of £87,674)
Netherley is a town in the city of Liverpool, and it is bordered by several other towns like Huyton, Halewood, and Belle Vale. The town is covered 44% by green, so it’s not a great place if you want to be surrounded by a large number of restaurants, pubs and so on. But it is excellent if you want to be near some beautiful plant life and greenery. It is located on the Eastern side of Liverpool, and it is another area that is mainly residential.

1. Anfield (Average of £87,220)
Anfield is a very popular suburb of Liverpool, probably because of its relation to Liverpool Football Club. The town sits in the Northern part of Liverpool, and it is made up of rows of terraced houses along the streets. The presence of the stadium of Liverpool FC. Here has created a huge buzz around the area, with many shops, restaurants, schools, and more making the town of Anfield their home. With the great prices for the properties here and the incredible energy in the area, it is perfect for young homebuyers.

Liverpool is becoming a popular area for many investors, and this will soon relate to an increase in prices of properties in most of these areas, so now might be a great time for you to get your own house in the city.


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