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The 5 cheapest places to buy property in Liverpool

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Liverpool is a great city to buy property for first-time buyers and young professionals. Not only are the prices of houses very affordable, but they offer high value for money. The city offers great facilities in terms of restaurants, libraries, gyms, shops and many more as well as having several good schools. The city of Liverpool is made of a great community spirit coupled with beautiful architecture and infrastructure. The city is in a great place right now but it will only get better as time goes on, with several developmental schemes already in place. The area is growing in popularity and this can be seen in the recent rise in the average price of houses in Liverpool. However, there are still several very affordable places you can buy a house in Liverpool, and these are the five cheapest out of all the places.

5. Kirkdale (Average of £91,234)
Kirkdale is a nice town occupying a flat land area on the banks of the Mersey, and it is one of the oldest coastal settlements in the UK. It is mainly a working-class area with most houses being Victorian terraced houses. Kirkdale offers some houses that are very affordable but still high quality, and ...