Why we love Pets

A companion animal kept by human beings for pleasure and companionship is known as a pet. A pet is primarily kept for entertainment and a person’s company. This term is not used for working, livestock, and laboratory animals. Most of the pets are selected as companion animals based on their intelligence, attractiveness, and amazing personalities.

The relationship between human beings and pet animals is considered a symbiotic relationship because both individuals feel comfortable with each other. Pets are a part of every culture and society. Pets provide both physical and emotional benefits to their owners. The healthy activities of a person with pets like walking, exercise, and games provide both fresh air and social interaction. Pets provide companionship to lonely and aged people who do not have much social interaction. Some people got pets for the protection of their houses.

The most popular pets are dogs and cats. The person who loves cats is known as an ailurophile and the one who loves dogs is a cynophile in technical terms. Other famous pet animals are rabbits, ferrets, pigs, fish, parrots, and horses. Some people also kept pets from reptile families like turtles, alligators, lizards, and snakes.

History tells us that pets are linked with the domestication of animals and the very first animal used by humans for domestic purposes is the dog. People of the ancient age used dogs for their protection. Dogs captured young wild animals. The dog was of great use in hunting and guardian duties due to its swift attitude and stronger jaws. In return, the human was responsible for a continuous supply of food to the dog.

Another most important pet is the cat. It is kept as a companion animal due to its cute and attractive nature. The cats play with human beings and provide mental relaxation. They are also kept in houses to capture rats and rodents. Some people keep reptile pets due to their love for snakes and turtles. Avian pets are mostly kept for beauty purposes in the houses. In some cultures, horses are also kept as a pet animal and people love to ride horses.

Due to the affectionate nature of humans with pets, nowadays, it is a huge industry. Several peoples are involved directly or indirectly with pets in terms of their breeding, nutrition and diet, cleanliness, and ornaments. Pets are traded in different countries to exchange versatile breeds in the world.

According to a survey report, 68% of U.S. households have a pet. The percentage is above 50 in Europe as well. Sometimes, pets are trained in various ways according to human desire to develop affection between pets and humans. Pet therapy is also very common these days because pets like dogs and cats are specifically used to attain psychological pleasure and relaxation. There are strict rules and regulations by the governments of some countries to ensure the safety of pets.

The conclusion is that pets are companion living creatures and are of great importance in our daily lives.

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