Top 10 must have apps for Android

Here is a list of my favorite free Android applications that you should install right away if you just did a factory reset or got a new phone.

  • Google Keep Notes - A very useful app for making notes.
  • Google Translate - Simply the best app for language translation.
  • Google Maps - Maps with the most correct information.
  • Google Photos - A great default Gallery alternative with optional photo uploading that sorts images by date.
  • Simple File Manager - A lightweight file explorer app with no access to internet and no ads.
  • Simple Draw - A simple paint app that doesn't have access to the internet and doesn't show any ads.
  • Shazam - Must have app if you want to find music from sound.
  • QR Scanner - Qr code scanner with no ads and is easy to use.
  • Screen Recorder - Screen recorder with a lot of features and no ads.
  • CapCut - The best Android video editor app I ever used.
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