Can Polygon (Matic) Reach $10? Price Prediction for Polygon (Matic)

the Use Case of Polygon. Polygon, as we all know, is a L2 chain for Ethereum which gives a higher scalability as well as interoperability. While Ethereum is an amazing network, it’s no secret that it suffers from high gas fees and poor scalability. MATIC solves all that. It’s a Layer 2 scaling solution that provides fast, cheap transactions and scalability for Ethereum dapps. Think of it as Ethereum’s sidechain built for speed and cost-effectiveness.

Secondly, MATIC has strong fundamentals. It's backed by Binance, Coinbase and billionaire crypto enthusiast Mark Cuban. It also has partnership with Meta and Google.

Matic has $966.5M total value locked in DeFi, and over 53,000 dapps have deployed on its network.

Let's talk more maths. Matic has a total supply of 10B which is much lower than that of USDT (at 83.8B). As of now USDT sits at 3rd place on market cap and Polygon is at 12th. So crossing 1 dollar just requires a 1/10 of USDT to be invested in Polygon. 

2023 between $0.55 to $1.75

2024 between $1.25 to $4.25

2025 between $1.75 to $8.5

2026 between $0.2.5 to $11.5

The above values have been considered after a great deal of analysis yet I personally believe Polygon shall reach $10 in next Bull Run.

Sure, the overall market is down right now but that won't last forever. When the bull market returns, MATIC is poised to be one of the biggest winners.

The tokenomics are strong, and as more Dapps, Defi projects and NFT marketplaces launch on Polygon, the demand for MATIC will skyrocket.

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Disclaimer: Nothing in this post should be regarded as investment advice. These are solely my personal views. Readers are advised to do their own research before making a financial investment.

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