How to track Cryptocurrency prices using LibreOffice Calc spreadsheet

This was made possibe thanks to

You can also track the prices using Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel (you will find more information on his website).

In this tutorial I would like to show you how to easily track top 4000+ cryptocurrency prices with an open source Libre Office.  So let's begin!

Step 1:

Open LibreOffice with blank Calc spreadsheet and create Sheet2 at the bottom. Open it.

Step 2:

  • Go to: Sheet tab at the top panel and select External Data option.
  • Set the time how often you want it to update prices while file is open at the bottom.
  • Paste link "" in top field and press enter.
  • Select only Separated by Comma option and click OK on both windows.
  • You should see all cryptos added to your spreadsheet, now go back to Sheet1.


Step 3:

  • Type any cryptocurrency ticker in A1 cell.
  • Paste following function to B1 cell "=VLOOKUP(A1,$Sheet2.A$2:$Sheet2.C$4001,2,FALSE())".
  • Paste following function to C1 cell  "=VLOOKUP(A1,$Sheet2.A$2:$Sheet2.C$4001,3,FALSE())".
  • Add the amount you are holding to cell D1.
  • Add simple calculation formula to cell E1 "=C1*D1".
  • Add more coins as needed by selecting cells and dragging down (bottom right corner).

Enable Automatic external links updating if you get prompted, prices will also get updated every time file is opened.

Alternatively you can download this .obs file I made, have fun!

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