Exmo Exchange: Is it Legit?

If you're looking to trade altcoins, then you might have come across Exmo Exchange. It is an old cryptocurrency exchange that supports over 190 trading pairs and more than 50 crypto assets. But the question is, is it safe to use?
First things first, Exmo Exchange is a registered company in the UK and complies with the country's laws and regulations. This means that it's a legitimate business that you can trust.
However, like any other business, Exmo Exchange has its pros and cons. One of the cons is that they charge an inactivity fee for accounts that haven't been used for some time. This fee is not common among cryptocurrency exchanges and is something you need to be aware if you plan on opening an account with this exchange.
While this might seem unfair, it's actually stated in Exmo Exchange's terms and conditions that they have the right to close an account due to inactivity.
So, while Exmo Exchange is a legitimate business, it is definately not recommended if you want to hold your coins in it. In general it is not recommended to hold coins on any exchange.
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