Apple gives iOS Update to old iPhone Models! Why you should update!

Many Apple users have complained that their older iPhones were losing battery life, heating up, and becoming slower with each new iOS update. It was speculated that Apple was intentionally slowing down older devices to encourage users to buy new iPhones. Back in 2017 Apple confirmed that they were indeed slowing down older devices, but for a different reason. They claimed that they were doing it to prevent unexpected shutdowns caused by aging batteries, ironically this made it even worse.

With the release of iOS 15.7.7, some users are reporting that their older devices are performing better than ever before. The battery life has improved, phones are not heating up as much, and performance has become faster and smoother. So, what's changed?

According to Apple this update provides important security fixes and is recommended for all users.

But some conspiracy theorists believe that Apple had hidden some limitations on older devices to encourage users to upgrade to newer models. But now, with the release of iOS 15.7.7 and 16.3, they have removed those limitations to give users a better experience and to prevent them from switching to Android phones.

However, this theory has not been confirmed by Apple, and there could be other explanations for the improved performance of older devices. It is possible that the new update has optimized the software to run more efficiently on older hardware. It could also be that the new update has fixed some bugs that were causing the battery drain, overheating, and sluggishness.

As with any conspiracy theory, we cannot be sure if this is true or not.
Regardless of the reason, it is good news for users of older iPhones who can now enjoy a better experience without having to upgrade to a new device.

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